China, I miss you!

China is this place you should never visit unless you have a part of your heart that you do not mind filling up with whole other culture.  I miss China!  There are parts of the trip that I don't miss ie. screaming baby and sleepless nights on rock hard beds, but I still miss China so bad.  I want to take Chloe back several times! China is not a perfect country but who are we kidding have you seen the state of the nation lately if you think we are perfect you are living in a fantasy world.  I just love China, the people were great, the food was mostly great, and I hope to go back as soon as we can!
I have been looking back at pictures all this week and remembering.  I can't believe it has been a year, can you?  I am sitting her blogging while this awesome little girl sits and plays with mister potato head and is laughing at the funny faces she is making.  And last year I was thousands of miles away in a country that was completely foreign and yet so completely wonderful.

Here are a few pictures from those first few days in China.   It was so unbelievable cold!


SpunkyBookworm said…
Looks like you left some of your heart there with you! I, too, can't believe it's been a year!
Myra said…
Yep, I feel the exact same way! Our last day in Guangzhou last year I was SOOOO sad, I had NO idea when I'd be back. With Sammy I knew it wouldn't be long ;) These trips down memory lane are so bittersweet!
Kayce said…
I feel exactly the same way. I long to go back...I'd go tomorrow if someone gave me the choice. I'm loving your pictures of your trip...once again! :)
So great to see the pictures of China again!! I would go in a heartbeat to visit again..... I would still love to adopt again....
; )

Catherine said…
How wonderful to look back and see pictures of your time in China. Like you I left part of my heart there an long to go back!!

We are so blessed to have daughters from this amazing country! So, so blessed!

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