It's 2012?

How the heck did that happen?  We had a busy but fun Christmas season, blogging has not been a priority but I will try to post a few pictures later but here is a couple to hold you over.

We took Chloe to Red Robin this weekend for lunch and she was waiting for her "burbur and fies" She actually had chicken and fries because even though she asks for burburs she does not really like them.

Here she is playing with her new Potato Head mustache.  She keeps us amused.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Not only is 2012 here...Chloe has been with you nearly a year! WOW! She is so cute and funny!
SpunkyBookworm said…
Happy New Year! I can't believe it's been almost a year since you became parents! Thanks for the pic fix. It seems the other blog has been slacking. ;)
Lorrene said…
How time flies. She almost looks like a bored teenager in that first picture. She gets cuter every day if that is possible.
Anonymous said…
I just keep repeating myself she has changed so much from the day you got her,loved your Christmas card going to frame it when I get a frame for it. She does keep you busy we can tell she is so cute and she is going to keep you guys hopping.Love to see her pictures they never gets old.
Love Aunt Carol
jade said…
I agree with Lorrene, she gets cuter every day even though it seems impossible! Happy New Year to all three of you!
Oh and I'd love a chicken burbur too!

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