Still in Awe of Our Lives

One year ago today/tomorrow (the time change always confuses me) we were getting ready to be introduced to our daughter for the first time.  She had no idea what was going on.  She rode a train with a caregiver (not her normal nanny) and the director of her orphanage for the first time.  The changes in her little life were just beginning, as were the changes in ours.  It was a rough 2 weeks in China, getting to know each other but we survived and started our life together as a family of 3.  Our internet connection in Changsha was horrible so we didn't post many pictures so many of these may not have been on the blog previously.
Nerves and excitement show more on my face than I ever knew.  Walking down the hall to meet Chloe!

Our first moments.

First family picture.

And just like that we are back in our hotel room, suddenly a family of 3.

Just a glimpse of the Joy that we will see again but not for weeks.
Thank you Angie and Andy for capturing our first moments as a family!

We had great plans of celebrating this weekend but it was not meant to be.  First we missed Chloe's cousins birthday party because of a mis-communication.  Then we canceled our trip to the zoo because mother nature decided it would snow in Seattle.  Then last night our oven tried to burn down our house by turning on all by it's self and not turning off until we flipped the breaker.  That was a little scary, hopefully it is repairable but we will not find out until next week.  I guess there is going to be a lot of creative microwave cooking in our future.

Despite the plans not working out, what is really important on this day is that we are together as a family.  I love our little family of three!  I hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane.


Kim said…
Happy 1 year... doesn't seem like a year has gone by...
I sooo remember skyping with you guys..
Miss you tons.. and sooo happy for you
Happy Chloe Day~ Time is flying.
Thank you for sharing the photo's Cora!! Memories are so beautiful as it is a hugh event that transforms our lives especially receiving your first child!! I am so very happy for you guys and Chloe!! She was meant to be your daughter. From the time she was concieved there was a plan and you were already in that plan to be her parents. You are all blessed to have each other!!

Love the photo's seeing the Dalton hotel brings back so many memories for me. IT is such a blur when you are actually going thru the process. Thanks for sharing!!


Glad you guys are okay! Do you have a crock pot? Can make some yummy things for the week that way too.
Lorrene said…
Thanks to modern technology, we get to share the day with you. She was so cute in her little Chinese outfit. It was a match made in heaven. I am so happy for you guys and for her too.
WOW! How is it a year already? Happy Day!
SpunkyBookworm said…
Feels like forever, yet at the same time, it doesn't. So neat to see how much she's grown and changed. :D

That first pic of you is so amazing in how you first felt.
Debbie Sauer said…
Loved the pictures. Happy 1 yr. anniversary. Blessings.

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