St. Patrick's Day Fun

Other than wearing green we did not do much in the way of "traditional" celebrating.  We spent our day at the park and then McDonalds for lunch.   
I took some video and Jim got some great pictures that I am sure he will be posting in the near future.  

Chloe enjoyed ketchup and the cheese off of her cheese burger at lunch.  

 I tried to tempt her with a fry :)
Then it was nap time.  I don't think she could fit anymore "friends" in her bed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
Love your pictures! Maybe we can get you a camera that doesn't stink!
denise said…
I love that your daughter is just sucking down packets of ketchup! She is too cute. Kids have the funniest little quirks.
Kim said…
love the videos... Chloe can go.... love it... looks like a great day..
love ya
shelley said…
She looks fearless and determined.....sorry she is going to keep you on your toes. Still beautiful and so full of life.
Aunt Karen said…
Chloe is getting so BIG! Love, love the, "daddy I wuv you". It took me a bit to realize the noise was her squeaky shoes, they are sooo cute!

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