We Love the Zoo!

I love doing comparison pictures.  It was a little than a year ago when we first went to the zoo.

We had a great time at the Zoo!  It was more fun than last year.  Chloe's favorites included the giraffes elephants and monkeys!  We counted the meerkats and hissed like snakes.  It was a great day!

We found a Peacock that wasn't in an enclosure!

That is one big cat.  Chloe was in awe of how big all the animals were.

Chloe even took some video of the silly gorillas.  This one kept climbing up high and swinging and jumping.  Chloe loved it until she fell off the steps and bumped her head.  Later she shook her finger at the gorilla statues and said "No more monkeys jumping on the bed"  She is so funny!

I think this is the first time we have caught the orangutans out and this one was just staring at all the weird people. 

Mommy got the camera away from daddy for a little while.

Until I bump the lens on a rail and got this face...oops...I gave the camera back after that.

Jim actually edits his photos so take a look at his zoo post.

Sunday Snapshot


Lorrene said…
Looks like everybody had a great day. Poor Jim and his precious camera...I hope you didn't cause any damage or it could be grounds for a divorce.LOL
Kim said…
Love the photos.... looks like you had fun.... Chloe has grown sooo much... Love ya.... hugz..
Debbie Sauer said…
She has changed so much! Love the pics. Blessings

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