I Quit!

Yep, I did.  I quit my job of almost 13 years last week.  My last day will be May 4th.  I'm ready to start this new chapter with a new company. I hope to be less stressed and enjoy my work a little more.  I'm really sad to leave the people I work with, we are not just co-workers we are friends and although we will stay in touch it is hard knowing I will not be seeing or talking to them everyday.  I am excited for my family though as I really feel it is a good move for us.

I hope to be back to blogging a little more and sharing more wonderful Chloe pictures.  She is growing so much.  She is more little girl now than baby.  She talks a mile a minute and asks constant questions.  She pretends like a champ.  We are really working hard on potty training, she has the poopy diapers down.  We have not had a poopy diaper in several weeks, so now we are just working on going pee pee in the potty.  yesterday we finally said good bye diapers even though we know we are going to have accidents, she needs to feel wet and diapers or pull ups are too absorbent.

We are ready for summer and the weather is cooperating!  We have had temps in 80's this week.  I don't expect it to last but it sure is a great taste of summer.  It does make me wish we had central air though.  Maybe it is an investment we need to make this year, who knows it is a year of changes!


Kim said…
Good for you my friend... sounds like things are getting better with you guys... Love the photos.. and stay tuned because I am hoping to blog more too... BIG changes come Sat... Love you tons.. and I need to see you guys soon... KyLee and I want a Chloe fix...lol
SpunkyBookworm said…
So happy to hear that you're going to a better place. 13 years is quite a comfort zone! Good for you!
jade said…
Dear Cora, you are one very brave woman and I'm cheering you on hoping you will finally have some more time to share with your beautiful family!
Aunt Karen said…
YEA!!!! Change is good. I love the pic of Chloe twirling. When I was a little girl all my dresses got the twirl test, hers is perfect!
Catherine said…
What a big move! All the best in your new job! Looking forward to more Chloe pics and updates.

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