So today I ended up going to lunch rather late and even though I was planning on staying in the office for lunch I got a craving for Chinese food.  There is a pretty good little Chinese place just down the road from work so I decided to go there.  When I walked in there was a tiny orange and white kitten by the door getting out of the rain.  It really didn't want to move when I opened the door but it scurried around the building.  I told the waitress that there was a kitten by the door she went out to see but didn't find anything.

I ate my lunch and on my way out I looked for the kitten around the back of the building just to see if he was still there.  I kinda felt bad for the little guy being stuck out in the rain like that.  But I didn't see him and I thought that he must have found a new place to hide.  Apparently he did.

I went back to work and was there the rest of the day and then I drove home from Grandview (35 miles away), I stopped at my Mom and Dad's since Chloe had left bear and lovie there and finally made it home for dinner.  We ate dinner and were sitting down to relax for the evening when Toby started whining at the window.  I just started to tell Jim that I almost brought home a kitten today and then he said "oh there is a kitten out side that is what Toby is whining about."  I got up to see this kitten and I about flipped it was the same orange and white kitten from the Restaurant!  It was sitting by my car!  I could not believe it but there was no doubt it was the same cat.  

Jim and I tried to catch it but it keep running back under the car.  We got some lunch meat out and tried to lure it out.  Eventually hunger got the best of him and he came and grabbed some food.  Jim went around and found our old cat carrier and I coaxed him in with some of the meat.

I called my mom and got a small kitty care package, since we don't have kitty stuff any more and now he is resting in our room in the carrier.  He is really pretty friendly no hissing or scratching, He even let Chloe pet him a little.  She thinks he is pretty cool but to prevent too much toddler loving he needed to go to "bed" in our room for a while.  The poor thing is super thin and dirty, hopefully a little water and food will perk him back up.  I think he is about 6-8 weeks old, tiny but weened.

Our other cat that we lost right before we went to China was found at my old job and Gypsy found us while I was at the plant in CA, I guess that is my thing I bring home pets from work, but never in such an unbelievable way.


Grandma L said…
That is so bazaar, maybe it's a reincarnation of your last kitty. Didn't you find that one at work on your lunch hour? How did it survive that long ride. It has to be a keeper, after all that.
Michelle said…
Did I miss something? How did it get there? Did it climb into your car somehow?
SpunkyBookworm said…
I bet she found a good spot on the air filter? So cool!
MKBookWorks said…
Cats LOVE to climb up into the engine compartment.. it is warm and there are lots of places for a kitteh to hide.. poor thing! Glad to hear that little one has a great home!! My little one has a thing for orange stripey kittehs - she asked for one DAILY (no jokE!) for 2 years till I finally found a female one... they are mostly male!! Good Luck.. I might name the kitten Chassis! LOL

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