Sick Kid

I try to post I really do.  This is an example of what happens, I start writing then BAM, yes I said BAM a small being wakes up and I abandon all hope of returning to previously written blog.  Here is what I wrote the other night and I have added a video I took tonight just for fun.

We are headed to Chloe's favorite place tomorrow, the Doctor's Office!  I am not being sarcastic she really does love the doctor.  She tells us daily that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  Every time we have an owie or even when we don't she fixes us with her doctor kit.  My favorite part is when she is fixing Daddy's latest owie and will say something like "It's OK daddy, don't cwry I know it hurts really bad"  then she gives him a couple shots.  Then she tells him to pick his dinosaur up at the front desk, like in one of her favorite books, When Dinosaurs Came with Everything.
However, last night Chloe started running a fever so Jim ended up staying home with her.  She has also developed a rash and blisters in her mouth and will not eat very much.  The poor girl is miserable.  Tomorrow we will confirm what it is.  Thanks to some help from my facebook friends I am now thinking hand foot and mouth and not chicken pox but until Chloe becomes a doctor I think we need to go visit one.

This is what she gets to do when she is sick, play with mommy's "Kindle Fire Book"

So she was diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth which in my opinion is just as bad or worse than Chicken Pox.  The poor girl has not eaten much of anything since Tuesday because the blisters in her mouth were so bad. I can't believe that I didn't know this one existed, it is a nasty one and I feel for any Child that gets it.  The whole family has not had a full nights sleep since Tuesday, we are hopeful for tonight since she was finally able to drink her beloved Hot Milk before bedtime. 


Jimh. said…
How can you not love this girl? She's 100% awesome!
GGHadden said…
Miss Mia says Hi Chloe hope you feel better soon, it was good to see you on here again. I will have to try some of that hot milk some night bet it will help me sleep.
Kim said…
LOVE THIS.... she is toooo cute.. she can talk sooo well...
growing up soooo fast..
SpunkyBookworm said…
Have been missing your posts! I hope you feel better soon Chloe!

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