Love My Bedroom!

Jim and I got a new bed recently.  We have been searching for a while but finally settled on a sleep number.  We had a horrible experience a memory foam topper over Christmas break and so we were a little uneasy about trying anything new.  We finally went for it and we have been nothing but happy with our choice.  From the excellent customer service of the sleep number store to the quality of the product. If you are looking for a be I would highly recommend checking them out.  

I decided that with a new bed, some matching bedding would be a nice change.  I saw this set on Zulily and loved it.  It came while I was out of town so this afternoon we spent some time hanging a new curtain rod and ironing.  I am very pleased with the result.  The beach art wort doesn't really work anymore so I think we will do repaint some canvases.  I am thinking cherry blossoms would be a nice addition, don't you?  

The new bedding and curtains!

Chloe approves!

So does Saiman the Catty!

Chloe then wanted their picture together.

 Catty had other ideas and after this shot he was out of there.

We had a wonderful spring day here!  I am looking forward to many more, very soon.  I'm so happy to be done with winter.  The next project is to remodel our teeny, tiny, itty, bitty bathroom.  Wish us luck!


Grandma L said…
Very very pretty. I love it. Cute pic's of Catty and Chloe.
Mother's Heart said…
Love it. We have one very similar.

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