Cute Bows and Angry Finger

Today was another Monday. I think we should just skip Mondays, I am sure if we voted almost everyone would agree. It was actually a pretty decent day but I would not have minded sleeping an extra hour this morning.

I got home to 2 packages of bows!! I went a little crazy the other night on etsy ordering hair pretties for Little Miss. I still am waiting for one. I love them all. Here are the pictures. I tried to buy ones that I had outfits to go with already. You may remember me going crazy at Gymboree with the panda clothing line.

I just loved the lady bugs.

I also am trying to find several sizes of red, white and blue clothing so we have a coming home outfit.
I was the 600th customer at this site so she sent me the Corky bows as a prize and also these little green flower bows. That was so nice and I love them.
I have see the corky bows and thought about them but I was not quite sure but they are really cute and I think I will probably get more, but Jim probably would like me to wait a bit before I go back. I found the ladybugs ones here and the rest were from here.

Now on to the angry finger, I have a splinter or something in my index finger on my left hand. How can such a teeny tiny piece of something cause so much pain? I have tried tweezers, needles, soaking it in salt water, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin and Band-Aids; so far I think I have just made it angry. It is swollen and bruised (from picking at it)I am sure it is infected now but it is still in there. I guess amputation is the only answer, but then again I may wait another day or two. Do you know how hard it is to type with a splinter in the tip of your finger?

Well it looks like blogger is still turning my pictures sideways anyone have a suggestion? I am getting really frustrated!!


Jimh. said…
I hereby volunteer my services in the amputation of said finger. I tried to get close to your finger last night with the exacto, but you kept ducking. I find it dificult to believe that you whine SO much about a small little sliver. The bows are cute.
LOVE the bows.. I got mine today too.. but I will have to wait to post because I have either been on the couch or the restroom all day...
Didn't get anything done..
LOVE the bows.. had to say that again..
Hope your finger gets better..
I wouldn't let Jim get near it..
LOVE this months batch of referrals.. Bring on some more days... we may be closer to our little ones then we thougt...
Mom is sending out the package tomorrow...
grandma said…
I know what you mean about a sore finger. I have a small cut on my thumb. It's like a paper cut and it is finally okay, but I sure found out how much I use the thumb.
The Bows are beautiful. That little girl of yours will be covered in bows. She won't need any clothes.
grandma said…
I don't know why blog turns your pictures to the right. You can first pull up your picture in Paint Shop and then go to the top and click on image and choose rotate left and save the picute and then when you use it in the blog and they turn it to the right it should come up right. I know that is a big pain in the butt, but I think it would work.

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