More Smoke Dectector Trouble

I hate smoke detectors. I know, I know they save lives and they are a very important safety feature that should be in all homes. I am in no way saying that they should not be in every home, but that does not mean I have to like them. Ok there are 5 particular smoke detectors that I hate more than all others and yes they are in my home in every room and they are wired together so that if one goes off they all do. I have had issues with these particular smoke detectors before you can read about it here and here.
So the reason for this particular post is because about 2 am last night I woke up to a screeching alarm, not the chirp of a dying battery but full on “get out of the house now on your hands and knees” alarm. It only lasted about 3 seconds and by the time that I jumped out of bed and started sniffing for smoke it was done. So I started doubting myself Jim heard it too but he did not clearly think it was the smoke detector so I thought maybe I dreamed it and I woke Jim up when I jumped out of bed. We checked out the house and all seemed well.
I went back to sleep but it was not restful as I started dreaming about alarms and house fires. Then about 4:30am the smoke detector went off again, again for only about 3 seconds. Now as I said all the smoke detectors in the house are wired together so we can’t tell which one initiated the loud blaring noise. So as adrenaline is coursing through my veins I start searching my house for fire. Surely these detectors had a reason for going off? No fire, thank goodness and then off they go again and again, by this time Jim is about to ready rip them all out of the ceiling but doing that also sets them off I learned that in my pervious encounter with the demon possessed detectors.
Jim got a chair and popped the battery out of one and then back in and that seemed to reset them but there was no way for us to know this for sure we just had to wait and hope they did not go off again.
I know that there is not some evil force behind this but it is really hard not to think that there is something behind the fact the smoke detectors malfunction only in the middle of the night or when you are out of replacement batteries or some other circumstances which makes your life difficult. One good thing that has come of this is that I now know that a smoke alarm in the middle of the night will wake me up and probably the neighbors. I just hope we can figure out what happened, Jim and his buddies at work suspect a short but how to find that is the major problem.


How obnoxious. I remember having a detector go off for no reason years ago. All was OK, but the whole day that I was away from the townhouse, I was a nervous wreck. I hope you get the issue resolved!
Jimh. said…
I am so tempted to cut those things out of the ceiling! All they do is wake us up for no reason and tell the neighbors I am cooking!LOL!!
Grandma said…
That would be as scary as having the dog go racing out of the bedroom at 2 AM barking her head off. It didn't happen last night, but it has happened. Those things that alert us to danger scare the crap out of us, but when we find out it was a false alarm we want to kill the source that alerted us. Strange how that works :)
Okay.. I would rip them off the wall.. that would drive me crazy...
Hope it gets fixed.. BB will be scared to death..
charissa said…
Well.. I must say I am pleased to say we have had no such issues with our wired smoke alarms-- they must not be possessed. However, I'm thinking we have evil wind scorpions/sun spiders (related to the camel spider). You saw that ugly one that we found outside our house just by chance a few months back. Showed it off for identification at the open house. Well I went looking for the ugly things under rocks, here and there, nothing. Nothing at all until one popped up on our bed while Scott and I were reading an article together and it ran up and stopped on the article. I never bailed off a bed so fast. They are the ugliest, biggest looking spider thing. I had so much trouble sleeping the next couple of nights. Well that was about a month ago. Well it happened again two nights ago only this one ran over Scott's leg while we were in bed. He squished it---yuckkkk! big juicy abdomens all over our sheets. shiver. So now which is worse? sneak attack sun spiders, one to one and half inches long, that really like to show up at night while you're reading in your bed or defective smoke alarms? Tough call. Either way we have plans to bomb our place inside and in the crawl space under the house.

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