Weekend Update

Just a quick update from the Emily's.

We have had a great day swimming and just hanging out. It took us a while to get everything together. I think once BB and Little Miss comes home we will need a little better preparation skills to get out of the house. We only had 2 dogs and it took us until afternoon to finially get out of town. Here are a couple pics for you, more when we get home.

Oh and we can't forget KyLee! (love ya girl)


Jimh. said…
great picks! It's been fun!
Love the pictures..
Looks like everyone is having fun..
Okay.. I have to know.. does your sister and her husband think we are NUTS???
Have fun...
Love the dog on the float!
Anonymous said…
Hey our computer is back on line. It has been a dry week or so. Love your changing table, thinking about trying that drink and Toby would look cute in some swimming tunks. Hey, how many watermelons would it take to make enough drinks for 150 thristy ladies? Love Ya mom

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