My Day

Represented by my cat.


Jimh. said…
So true! So awesome! So tired!
Love kitty...
Outside of mopping the floor, that looks like my day!
mommy2gabby said…
I think I can relate too! It was a rough day!

Our cat decided to take off when she was in the back yard with Brent. Over the fench she went. We finally got her back to our yard. Then she decided that she was going to hang out under our back
porch for a few hours. Of course we were trying to plead with her the whole time to come out.

It wasn't until we had gone inside and given up that she made an appearance. I was able to talk her in to coming inside. YAHOO!

It would have been a night of no sleep for us if she would have stayed out side.

I loooong for a day like that!!!

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