Early Christmas gift for Little Miss

Kim sent Little Miss this adorable shirt and you all know Kim the outfit would not be complete with out matching clippies . I can't wait to see LM wearing them. The last one is a the cutest Halloween clippie that she had been saving for me. Thank you so much.

I am so happy I don't have to go to work for the next 5 days. Bring on the holiday cheer!


E said…
No Fair! I only get christmas and the weekend off. Business as usual at the hospital. you are lucky. :)
Jimh. said…
I love that shirt! But...I thought the bows were for me! LOL!
Eli's Lids said…
Found your blog while blog hopping.
Love your name... our daughter is a Cora too!
Sorry Jim.. I might get you a bow next time..
Glad you like it..
Hope everyone doesn't go crazy on you because you posted it...lol.
Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and Happy 5 Days off..
I am sooooo ready for today tobe over..
Love ya girly..
That is the cutest little shirt!! Can't wait to see her wearing it! Happy Christmas Eve and enjoy all of your time off!
Very cute stuff. Kim has GREAT taste!

I've been wanting to make clippies...I just might have to make one for Jim!
I luv that shirt! need to get me one of them for Aislinn. Merry Christmas Cora & Jim.

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