FFFF - Presents

I can never seem to do these on Friday but at least I get them up before the next Friday.

This weeks theme is presents and boy, do I have a lot to post about regarding presents. Firstly i was spoiled this year. Jim for me a Wii Fit, a new quilt for my bed and best of all a monster from Curly Q Cuties. You have to get one! I am going to have to get more they are too cute and so soft and huggable. I am really impressed and I think that BB and LM will end up with a monster each (because this one is mine, he he he). We went to Jim's Family on Christmas Eve and all the great gifts was a scentsy pot and it was the asian one. I was so happy that it was not the Cherry Blossom one because I already have that one, I love them both. Such a great way to get your house smelling pretty which with 2 dogs we need it all the time once in a while.

Then the Day after Christmas we had Christmas with my family. It was a lot of fun. I got a great purse, a crock pot (a big one), molly knitted me a great scarf and there were many other great presents. But the best thing was spending time with Family and the food.

For the next couple of Days we will be cleaning up the post Christmas disaster that somehow tends to accumulate at our house. I think it is because we are out so much so when we get home late at night we just drop everything and it accumulated. I am glad I still have off 1 more full day before I have to go to work.

May next Christmas be the one that we celebrate as a family of at least 3.


Jimh. said…
Here's to a family of three! It was a great Christmas! I got Call of Duty! That was wonderful, too!
Grandma said…
Yep, thats the next fun thing we have to look forward to. The new addition to your family. Most people wonder if it will be a girl or boy. You wonder if it will be Chinese or African.
Grandma said…
Oops, maybe that doesn't sound right. People do know that you are adopting, I think. LOL
Wendy said…
It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you have a blessed New Year too!
Colleen said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog "The Nuthouse" how nice to meet you. Looks like you made out well on Christmas. I love my Wii fit!!!! My daughter's both love the Wii fit..my one daughter has some sensory issues and the yoga is wonderful for her balance. I hope China speeds up and that your beautiful baby will be home in your arms next Christmas.
Stop by again! : )
Amy said…
Oh Cora, what a fun day it looks like you and your family had!

I would LOVE a Wii Fit (but then I might bfeel pressured to get fit)!

Your Grandma's post about wondering if your first baby will be Chinese or African, as opposed to a boy or a girl, was just adorable! How great is it that our collective concept of family has evolved to the point that we know it's who God has chosen to blossom together, rather than where we are "planted" that matters!

With love and all best wishes for the New Year! - Amy
OK...that monster is TOOO cute!!! Love it! You really cleaned up! Thanks for participating in FFFF! (Sorry haven't seen you online...I am BUSY designing a new blog!)
Sounds like an AMAZING Christmas...
LOVE the monster and LOVE the smelly pot... I need one of those..
And you will have BB home by next Christmas..
And then the next one we will have our girls..
Have a Great Sunday off..
Eileen said…
I saw your blog title over at Amy's blog and I wondered if you were going to China or elsewhere. We adopted our youngest from China but I would also love to go to Ethiopia.

I'm sure it will be a blessed journey, wherever you go!


P.S. Where are you in Washington? Wer're in Poulsbo
amy said…
Glad you had a great day..Thanks for the sweet words..

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