90 days

It has been 90 days since the referral of BB. I hope we are closer to him than we were 90 days ago but I wonder. I am still worried that something is going to happen and it will all fall apart. I am a worrier there is no getting around that. I have so many questions and NO answers. This is one of the most frustrating processes I have every been through and I hope that soon I will come out the other side. I wonder what this will look like from the other side. Will parenthood ever happen? We have tried so hard and done everything that we could.
I got asked the other day if I think it would have happened sooner if we went with domestic adoption. I don't know. I know last year I was trying so hard to make a domestic adoption work out and it fell apart in my arms. I struggle with the fact that I think there are people who think it is my fault. I think about that boy all the time and hope that his mother has found some peace and they are both happy, but I don't think I will ever know the truth of the situation.

I can't ask myself "what if's" because they will drive me crazy, there are so many paths that we could have chosen. We had to choose one and we have to have faith that we choose wisely. They were not choices that were made lightly. I sometimes get the feeling that there are people that think we just decided to adopt for the easy way. Those people obviously do not know what the process involves because if this is the easy way then I would like to see what they think the hard way is and then I would like to educate them. Maybe I could get a little viewfinder like the alien on Lilo and Stitch. I would hand it to them and say "Here, Educate yourself!"

Someday we will be a family of more than 2. I just wish I was in control of knowing when. Have I evermentioned that I am bossy and like to control things? Well that will have to be another post, another time.


Hang in there. You will become parents. I wish it was as easy as people think.
Grandma L said…
You've done nothing, but your best and try not to be discouraged. I think you've done the right thing. A little boy needs some parents really bad and you're the chosen ones.
Happy 90 days.. you are getting there girly...
BB will be in your arms soon.
What has happened was meant for a reason.. what reason we may never know.. but you will be parents to a little boy and a little girl.. and who knows.. there may be more to come..
Keep your chin up my friend..
I am here with you on this AMAZING journey..
Love ya..
Jimh. said…
I sure hope we get those kids befor we start drawing socail security! I love you Honey, and we will eventually get kid...if not Toby will haveto start learning to wear clothes!
Christie said…
Well my dear - you said it! I'd love to get educated on the "easy" way as well. My husband often jokes with the pregnant couples of the world and tells them, "all it took was dinner and a movie for you..." sigh. Then he regales them with our tales of adoption woe and bliss.

Point is: we always end up educating - and sometimes it doesn't seem fair, since we have to go through so much to make it happen. Sigh...

Standing by for July referrals...let's see how far they get this time around? And 90 days is long enough. Bring on the BB, I say!! Jiminy Christmas already...making you wait 90 days.
Debz said…
Ok Cora, you know I'm fairly new to your blog so you'll have to bear with me. I'm trying to figure this out lol, are you adopting a little boy or a girl or both or have you requested it to be one or the other? and does BB stand for? Baby Boy?
Have a wonderful week,Hugz

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