Apple Juice, anyone?

I make this really good pork chop recipe that includes about a cup of apple juice. I was out the other day so I ask Jim to pick up a small bottle of juice at the store. This is what he came home with. 128 fl.oz. of juice.

I think he is saying he wants a lot of pork chops and keep in mind that I make apple juice for a living. Now you may remember the great Cinnamon Smores episode of a couple weeks ago. Apparently this is was a grocery store conspiracy, I wonder what the reason will be for the GIANT container of apple juice.

Do all men shop like this? Just curious.


Toooo funny...
Just drink it.. it is good for you..
Have a great day..
Jimh. said…
Hey, YOU said it, YOU make juice for a living! shouldn't be the kind of thing we run out of. Should be your department...dontcha think?

Besides, it was on sale! and more is better, right? Also, I DO love your pork chops.

As for the cinnamin S'mores...definitely a conspiracy! I am not the only one to have done it!!
angie w said…
No worries, Jim. Yes, all men shop this way! As you know, my hubby came home with the cinnamon grahams, too! He blamed the store, too :)
Now you MUST share the recipe! :)
My husband always buys off brand stuff. ick! My kids would have that apple juice gone in no time.

Margaret M said…
I too want that recipe!!! All I have to say is at least Jim does shop for you sometimes!!! Feel blessed and eat chops! Hugs!
Christie said…
ohhhhh, I love me some good apple juice. AB does the shopping - I'm not even a part of it. I'll screw it up!
denise said…
Your story cracked me up. This is how my husband shops too...everything is generic and BIG (apparently thinks he's being thrifty).

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