Totally Horrible Blogger Award

This is what I need, the completely horrible blogging award.  I just have not been feeling it.  Work has been completely crazy and I tend to come home and zone out.  Nothing has happened on the adoption side of our lives.  I am sure that if I have any readers left they are tired of hearing about nothing happening.  I am tired of hearing about it.  I am really tired of talking about it.  I am getting to the point where I just want to move on.  I am so sick of living our lives on hold.  I still want to be a mom but that is just not the next step I thought it would be in my life.  Now I just need to figure out which direction to go and what I really want vs. what I really need.  That may take some time.

So this weekend is going to be filled to the brim.  Saturday, Emily and I are having a baby shower for Molly at our mom's house.  It will be brunch with a small crowd and I hope that Molly enjoys it.  I am excited for Molly and can't wait to see my niece or nephew in a few weeks.  Baby showers are not always the easiest thing for me, and I have found it a bit more complicated emotionally than I thought it would be.  However, I think it will be fun.

Sunday is Emma's Birthday, She is going to be 6.  I can not believe it. She is growing into quite the young lady.  Her party is going to be a "Royal Event" and we are to come in appropriate royal attire.  Which sounds fun however I have gained a ton few stress pounds since beginning the adoption process and the medications that I took for fertility treatments before and the ones that I currently take for other reasons have not helped either.  So I no longer own a skirt or dress that fits and we are not spending any non-essential money this month.  I know that everyone will understand when I show up in my jeans but I also know Emma is expecting the girls to wear dresses.  So I am making a tutu to wear over my jeans, yes I will look ridculous but she is 6 and tutus are fancy right?  I also have a crown, a septor and I might have to come up with a royal sash or somthing.  Jim is got his costume all worked out and he is going to look very royal.  It will be fun also, how often does a girl turn 6 anyway.

Hope next week is a little less hectic, have a great weekend everyone.


Amy said…
Bite your tongue, Cora! I for one, am hooked until those two days that you bring BB and then Little Miss home. And then I am staying tuned in to all the shenanigans that you are going to be up to your eyeballs in! So, well, THERE!

Please post pictures of you and Jim in your royal regalia. The prince and princess will enjoy the photos of their Mom and Dad! (And so will we!)

Lifting you up, friends! (((HUG)))
Diana who is logged into a client's account right now said…
Can't wait to see Jim in a Tutu!

BTW~ I think that tutus over regular clothing is trendy.
ccd said…
Sounds "Fancy" To me, she'll love it and probably be envious that you get to have a tutu and she doesn't =-]. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Hopefully the party won't be a flop since once again I've got very very little planned, I guess not enough adrenalin (panic) yet.
Kayce said…
Need to see the tutu pics! Have a fun weekend!
Forever hooled here! Will never abondon your blog. I just continue to think that Aiden will be home soon! Please just hang on Cora. I know to well what a aweful ride it can be. Here for ya!!

Can't wait to see pictures in your Royal attire!!
Big hugs,
I would never leave you.. and you know that.. I know how you feel and I love ya and know that Aiden and LM will be in your arms soon..
Can't wait to see the photos..
Emma is going to have so much fun..
Love ya..

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