Color Me Home

We opened up the Color Me Home Blog a couple of days ago but with all the new Auntie excitement I have not posted yet.  So here it is!  I am going to steal an excerpt from Jim's blog because he describes it so well. 
This is our first coloring book and it has a theme. Our theme is "Under the Sea." We feel that sea creatures give a greater opportunity for color choice and creativity. You will find all manner of sea creature! Fishes of every shape and size! Crabs, starfish, and sea horses also complement this book. There are twenty-five pages for your little one, or you (we promise to tell no one), to color! We have also designed the cover to be colored.
Jim has drawn all the pictures including the cover and I am so happy with the way it turned out.  We hope to have a few different themes in the next few weeks but we are starting with the Under the Sea book.  you can see a couple examples of the books and the drawing on the Color Me Home site.

We need about $6500 to complete the adoption, this money will be used to cover things like immigration expenses, the required orphanage donation and travel expenses to bring Aiden home.  We know this is a lot of coloring books however we also are still selling That's My Pan and I am still making dresses and blankets at Little Miss Blankets and Stuff.  Of all of our fundraisers, I have great hopes for Color Me Home.  After our adoption I really hope to continue and help as many children as we can one coloring book at a time.

So please grab our button and spread the word about Color Me Home.


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Jimh. said…
I am very happy with them! I'll HAVE to start making more drawings!
ccd said…
Looks cool! And congratulations auntie!!! was nothing! I think you need to add the info from Jim's blog to the Color Me blog. (if you haven't already!) Can't wait to get our coloring book...and YES...I think Eric will color several pages.

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