1 week away

We are going to be meeting Chloe for the first time in one week.  I would love to say that it just happens to be our oldest niece's birthday but I feel that it is not a coincidence, it was meant to be this day for a very long time.  See our Niece, E, told me this several years ago.

In 2007 we were logged into China and we began our very long wait for a referral.  During that time our journey to our first child has changed many many times.  We never expected to be where we are today and to have gone through all the ups and downs that we have.  In 2007, we thought we were in for a 18-24 month wait at the most, who knew that we would be here almost 4 years later but finally packing to go to China.  Well apparently E knew on some level.  For some reason I remember this conversation with complete clarity and I have kept it with me through out the wait.

Jim and I had been shopping in the Tri-Cities that weekend and it was also the weekend of E's birthday party, you can read about that weekend here.  I bought some panda clothing on clearance at Gymboree for Little Miss and I brought them in to share my finds with my sister in law.  E asked me who they were for and I explained that we were going to adopt a baby from China and that baby would be her cousin.  Knowing that 2 years is a really long time to a toddler I explained to her that it was going to be a long time before it happened.  She matter of factly told me that it would happen when she was 7.  I remember saying "OH no honey, it is going to be much sooner than that probably when you are about 5."  But I have always remembered this conversation with a 4 year old.

So I know it is crazy but when the date kept getting pushed back for us to travel I knew what day would be our gotcha day.  I don't often believe in ultimate plans, at least in our everyday life, but I have to believe that this was planned for.  I can't wait to wish E a Happy Birthday with a picture of her cousin in our arms!

I am excited but very nervous.  I know we have prepared for this for years but the reality is really hitting fast.  We are going to met Chloe in a week and I have no idea what that is going to be like.  We have been packing like mad crazy people but no matter what we will be done and on the road and in the air tomorrow!

We hope to blog while in China but if you don't hear from us in a few weeks don't worry we will catch you all up as soon as we can!


Kelly said…
Can't wait!!!
Jimh. said…
mad crazy people might be an understatement.
Rosanne said…
So excited for you and Chloe...safe travels! Will be watching for updates from PA.
Lorrene said…
How I wish I could be a fly on the wall and witness that meeting.
I hope you can sype me. I'll be waiting.
Enjoy every inch of the trip and we can't wait to see new pictures of Chloe.
Charissa said…
Thanks for sharing that story. So excited for you guys! Sending lots of hugs for the trip.
Kel said…
A special connection between cousins already!

Much love

No one knows how it's going to go...keep an open mind! Enjoy your week!
Alyson and Ford said…
Enjoy the trip, the journey is forever!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
: ) said…
You will be with my family in Changsha! We are so excited. Next Monday is GOTCHA!! Where are you coming from? I see (and miss) the snow! We are living in San Antonio. We are so excited!!
You will do great! Enjoy every minute of it!! jenn :)
Anonymous said…
Smart little girl!

Kim said…
Enjoy girly.. and LOVE those beads..
Love you ..
You are going to do fine..
Cindy said…
I am so excited for you! : )
Out of the mouths of babes...
denise said…
Your story gave me chills. It's pretty sweet that you'll be meeting your daughter on E's bday.

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