Sunday Snapshot: Hair Cut

Chloe got her first professional hair cut yesterday.  I wanted to get a little bob with a few more bangs so that she could wear her hair down with out it hanging in her eyes.  I am not sure that I am in love with it or got exactly that but it turned out cute. I think that when the sides get a little longer she is going to be sporting a cute A-line cut but we will see.  We went to a fun kids place that is down the road from my sisters. 


The first cut

Snacks we our friend during the cut :)

Please excuse the Cheerio mash on her face.  

I will get Jim to get a better picture of her later but he had better things to do than go to the salon with us girls.

Sunday Snapshot


ashley said…
oh, she looks so cute! Lily had her hair trimmed a few weeks ago at a similar type of salon, but she cried the entire time! Looks like those cheerios kept Chloe happy :)
Lorrene said…
Really cute! I didn't know they had special salon's for the younger set.
How nice.
Kim said…
Love it.. tooo cute..
GGHadden said…
Super cute, There is no way Mia would sit still for that. Yay Chloe :)
SpunkyBookworm said…
She's gorgeous! Is it shorter or inverted in the back? When it's shorter in the back, it grows out really nice. You will be very happy with it!
Anonymous said…
That's is just a real cute place to take little one's to to get their hair cut. She looks like she like's it. The cut is cute on her.
Aunt Carol
Kayce said…
Adorable!!!!! The cut and the salon are just adorable! I so need to get Jenny's hair cut. :)
Stefanie said…
She's just precious! And that cut is perfect :)

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