Happy 2nd Birthday Little Miss!

Last year my post was of a lonely cupcake, this year has a completely different feel.  I so wish we could have spent her first birthday with her but I think we made up for it this year.  2 is more fun than one anyway, right?
Sunday afternoon we had some family over to my parents house and had a blast!  I think Chloe had a good time!  Do you have a Clue what the theme was?

Just some of the gifts!  We had to make up for last year, right?

Oh this tutu is perfect for twirling!

She was so happy Blue could make it to her party!

Blowing out her first birthday candle!

This is pretty yummy!
I think year 2 will be the best one yet!



Anonymous said…
She had fun with that cake,she is a sweetie and a keeper. The cakes are so cute. Happy Birthday Chloe !!! Mama and Dad you did a good job!!
Aunt Carol
Happy Birthday Chloe!!! Such an adorable girl. Happy Day! Cute decor!
Beautiful! Happy Birthday Chloe.
Catherine said…
Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe!! Looks like so much fun celebrating with those who love you so much!!

So happy you had your sweet baby girl home to celebrate her 2nd birthday. So many more to come!!!
Kayce said…
Happy Happy Birthday Chloe!!! Your party looked amazing!!
SpunkyBookworm said…
Happy Birthday Chloe! You make everyone so happy just by watching you grow!
Cindy M said…
Oh, my goodness, the tutu looks so adorable on her! She made it twirl, eh?! We'd love to put her photo on the blog! She is just so sweet!Happy Birthday, Chloe!
Oh my goodness...that was the CUTEST Blues Clues birthday ever! Yes...making up for last year is a great idea and that sweetness deserves it!

Happy Birthday Miss Chloe!!!

Love and blessings,

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