Watching TV with Baby Dolly

Chloe doesn't really watch TV much she can't sit still long enough. Today she found Toy Story and wanted to watch "Tato Head"  She found a "comfy" seat with Baby Dolly in the doll cradle I had as a child.  I needs a bit of repair but Chloe doesn't seem to mind.

It wasn't long before Baby Dolly was kicked out and the cradle was all hers.

She finally noticed Mom taking pictures.  

About 5 minutes later she was up and running again. 

Sunday Snapshot


Jimh. said…
That must be a record for her sitting still!
Lorrene said…
She's an entertainment act all by herself. I'll bet you never get bored these days.
Debbie Sauer said…
She looks so cute sitting in the cradle. Kids think of doing the darndest things! Love your updates. Blessings
denise said…
That first picture is just adorable!

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