How about a video for FotoFriday of last April when it was still snowing here. The ground is bare now and unless the theme is fog, he he. Ok It was all I could find on the short notice. Or you could go to this post or this post.


B Boys Mom said…
I sure hope it still isn't snowing in April. I'm already sick of it. Nice snowy video.
Snowing in April...that is just WRONG!

Thanks for participating!
Have a great evening...
Jimh. said…
Love it! I almost skipped this post because it looked like Diana's the videographer must be excessively good looking...I can hear it in his voice.
Amy said…
Ugh. Cora, we lived in northern OH (near Cleveland)and in upstate NY for a while and each of those places still got snow in April. I hope this April is nothing but sunshine for you guys!
Grandma said…
I thought we were going to get buried in snow for awhile this morning. I am glad we didn't.
E said…
I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been to lazy to sew anything yet. Do you perhaps have anything in ladybugs?

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